Webinars & Workshops

webinars and workshops

Beyond our public panels and workshops, we are also open to offering the workshops tailored to specific groups, online or offline.

The Career Path Seminar and the Social Project Training can be offered in its full length, in individual workshops or a condensed way.

We work in different formats, such as workshops, talk and facilitated discussion. Here is an overview of some of the events we did in the past:

  • How to Do Good and Make Good Money? A Reflection.

  • Change Your Story, Change Your Job - Three Steps Ahead on Your Career Path.

  • Many Paths to the Common Good: Our learnings from two years of career panels.

  • From Passion to Profession: A Road of Self-reflection.

  • Shoot for the Moon, Start on the Roof: Steps by Step Approach to Passion Projects.

  • The Story of a Multipotentialite : Liber Arts Scholar, Controller, Event Manager and Adventurer

Get in touch and let's talk about the details!