Webinars & Workshops

Upcoming webinars and workshops

We offer webinars and workshops throughout the year. These workshops, on topics of project management, achieving your practical (and less practical) goals, and more, can be delivered to large or small groups.

Feel free to contact us if you're interested in a workshop, and check back for upcoming events. If you don't see any upcoming workshops, make sure to check out our yearly Youth Week—which in 2020 included a webinar series—and ongoing Social Project opportunities for students and offices.

Past webinars and workshops

Shoot for the Moon, Start on the Roof (7 September 2020): Maastricht University Alumni Week webinar

2020 Youth Week Webinars (21 July–1 August 2020): Webinar series

Toolkit for the Unexpected: Turning a Course Concept into a Reality (20 May 2020): TeachSurfing webinar

Shoot for the Stars, Start on the Roof (7 March 2020): Unconference for Civic Education Workers

Turning a Summer Course Concept in Reality (2 November 2019): TeachSurfing workshop