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The Story of a Multipotentialite: Liber Arts Scholar, Controller, Event Manager and Adventurer. (15 October): Career Orientation Day at Karinthy Frigyes High School

Three Steps Ahead on Your Career Path. (11 November) MentorMe Special Webinar.

How to do good and make good money? (30 September) TeachSurfing Festival#2

How can you work for the common good? (8 August) Academy for Actors of Civil Change by Pro Progressione

Change your story, change your job: (12 July) b23 Community Space

Change your story, change your job - Three steps closer to your dream career: (24 June 2022) MitOst Festival

Many Paths to the Common Good (11 December 2021): Career Orientation Day at Karinthy Frigyes High School

Mini Career Workshops (30 November 2021): LeanIn Circle - Konstanz English speaking circle

From Passion to Profession (1 November 2021): Talk with Civic Engagement Office of Bard College Berlin

#GenderID Talks: Innovation and Social Entrepreneurship (8 June 2021): Talk with GEYC (Group of the European Youth for Change)

Redesign: Event Planning During the Pandemic (26 May 2021): Pro Active Talks with Pro Progressione (Hungarian)

Transferable Skills (22 April 2021): Maastricht University - United Nations Student Association webinar

Shoot for the Moon, Start on the Roof (7 September 2020): Maastricht University Alumni Week webinar

Toolkit for the Unexpected: Turning a Course Concept into a Reality (20 May 2020): TeachSurfing webinar

Shoot for the Stars, Start on the Roof (7 March 2020): Unconference for Civic Education Workers

Turning a Summer Course Concept in Reality (2 November 2019): TeachSurfing workshop

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