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Many Paths to the Common Good (11 December 2021): Career Orientation Day at Karinthy Frigyes High School

Mini Career Workshops (30 November 2021): LeanIn Circle - Konstanz English speaking circle

From Passion to Profession (1 November 2021): Talk with Civic Engagement Office of Bard College Berlin

#GenderID Talks: Innovation and Social Entrepreneurship (8 June 2021): Talk with GEYC (Group of the European Youth for Change)

Redesign: Event Planning During the Pandemic (26 May 2021): Pro Active Talks with Pro Progressione (Hungarian)

Transferable Skills (22 April 2021): Maastricht University - United Nations Student Association webinar

Shoot for the Moon, Start on the Roof (7 September 2020): Maastricht University Alumni Week webinar

Toolkit for the Unexpected: Turning a Course Concept into a Reality (20 May 2020): TeachSurfing webinar

Shoot for the Stars, Start on the Roof (7 March 2020): Unconference for Civic Education Workers

Turning a Summer Course Concept in Reality (2 November 2019): TeachSurfing workshop

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