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Summer course 2019

In August 2019, we kicked off the inaugural edition Careers in the Common Good with the Summer Course. Through workshops on sustainability, human rights, and social entrepreneurship, nine young adults from six countries explored some of the many ways in which they can make a difference.

Participants heard personal career trajectories and struggles from young professionals across widely divergent industries, and they spent daily dedicated time on self-reflection. Between workshops, the group explored Budapest, cooked up a steaming vat of barszcz, and hiked deep into the Pilis forest. Participants also developed practical projects ranging from Internet literacy courses to implement in Serbia and the Czech Republic to a multilingual blog dedicated to making education information accessible.

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2019 Workshops

The Problem: Climate Change & Going Deeper: The Energy & Electricity Sector: Krisztina Pjeczka, Clean Energy Leadership Institute, Washington, D.C.

How to Be a Social Entrepreneur? Ryo Ragland, ShareSquare

Human Agency in the Online Public Sphere: Veszna Wessenauer, Ranking Digital Rights

Live and Travel Zero Waste: It Is Possible & Fun: Dóra Kocsis & Edvard Németh, Foothold Stories

Build Your Skills for Careers in Digital Society of 2020s: Milena Milićević, INAT Centre & Digital Transformation Consultant

Cargobikes and Degrowth: Simon Prevert, Cargonomia

How Did We Get Here? Looking Back at One Meaningful Career Path: Darko Petrovic, World Food Programme

Do They Really Have Bean Bags Everywhere? Visit a Software Company: Zsófia Sólyom, EPAM

Achieving Green Growth - A View from the Public Sector: Gábor Horváth, Ministry of Finance, Hungary

Map Your Path: Self-Reflection Kick-off: Emese Petrik, Air navigation company

Human Rights Violations and Solutions: Zsolt Szekeres, Hungarian Helsinki Committee

Design Thinking for the Common Good: Ádám Marjai, LogMeIn

A View from the EU Bubble: Alexandra Zalaföldi, Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade

Insta-Essays: Tamzin Mitchell, CCG Communications Manager

SMART Goals: Eszter Boros, CCG Project Coordinator