2021 Career Path Seminar

12–16 April 2021

What is the Career Path Seminar?

The April 2021 Career Path Seminar was a week full of evening workshops in which participants considered their strengths, weaknesses and next steps. The Career Path Seminar is a way to get you thinking about your first career—or your next career change. Developed in collaboration with a psychologist, a career consultant and a communication expert, the five modules walked participants through self-reflection tools like writing a negative CV, self-care, and visualisations of the future. Through interactive sessions and close teamwork, participants examined stereotypes and myths, examine how they defined success and how to cope with failure, and heard from guest speakers on changing sectors. They came away with an action plan for how to start working towards their dream careers.

The Career Path Seminar is a recurring programme—details for the next Career Path Seminar can be found here.

Career Path Seminar workshops

The April 2021 Career Path Seminar included a comprehensive set of workshops.

  • Monday, 12 April: Who Are You?

  • Tuesday, 13 April: Where Are You Going?

  • Wednesday, 14 April: Meaning & Impact

  • Thursday, 15 April: Practical Skills

  • Friday, 16 April: Map Your Path