About us

careers in the common good

About us

Our mission is to inspire the young adults of Central and Eastern Europe to apply their passion for the enrichment of their communities.

CCG was born of a desire to contribute to a more open Central and Eastern Europe. We want to contribute to a more inclusive society, give chances to those with fewer opportunities, use our talents for the common good and encourage others to do so too. Our programmes offer young adults a chance to explore career options, learn from experts working across the region and develop their own innovative projects.

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Our vision and mission


A Central and Eastern Europe that is open-minded and full of opportunities


Inspire the young adults of Central and Eastern Europe to apply their passion for the enrichment of their communities

Many young adults believe in a better world but are uncertain of how best to make an impact. With an emphasis on sustainability, human rights, social entrepreneurship and self-reflection, we show what young adults can accomplish in varied fields, what sort of skills and knowledge are required for a given task—and how much is possible even when resources are limited. We also aim to show that any skills can be used for the common good, and any position can be fulfilled with social responsibility in mind.

Our Values

We are guided by our core values of accessibility, learning through doing, and regional focus.


It is vital to us that participants and workshop facilitators come from diverse linguistic, cultural, educational/field and socioeconomic backgrounds: not only can we all learn from one another and broaden our minds, but we aim to make the course accessible to those who, due to financial or educational situations, might not ordinarily be able to reach such opportunities and resources.

Learning through doing

We are also passionate about learning through doing: learning should neither start nor end inside the classroom. Participants learn not only through interactive workshops and the experience of immersion in an open-minded community but also through developing Social Projects and applying them within their communities.

Regional focus

Our regional focus spotlights the potential of Central and Eastern Europe to grow more united and open-minded and to offer more opportunities to its youth. Through the social project and numerous examples from our facilitators, Central and Eastern Europeans themselves, we empower the youth in the programme to build a community and impact their own Central and Eastern European communities.

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