Career Reflection Cirlce

Career Reflection Circle

Career Reflection Circle | Berlin edition

16 November | 14 December | 18 January | 15 March 

What is the Reflection Circle?

It is a reflection on values, skills, missions, dreams, challenges and more.

A cosy space, candle lights, an open-hearted community and some questions. Questions about your career, your values and your life trajectory. Share as much as you like.

What do you need to bring?

Openness | Curiosity | Your favourite reflection book. But we will have pen and paper available.

Register here.  

* Seats are limited to 15 people. First come, first serve. We will inform you accordingly. 

circles beyond berlin

Would you like to join but you do not live in Berlin?

We are happy to organise such events in other areas too!


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