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careers in the common good

We are happy to see you here. Thank you for your interest in working with us and contribute to more people finding their path and their contribution to their community and environment.

There are plenty of ways for you to get involved. Arrange a call, and we can discuss what works best.

As a volunteer

Long-term volunteer options |  Questions?

As A facilitator

We will share the topics of Youth Week 2023 soon!

For questions, please contact our content coordinator.

As a Panellist

Application  | Info Flyer

We launched the online Explore Inspiring Career Paths’ panel discussion series with the aim to provide inspiration to young adults. We do this by inviting four young professionals from different walks of life. We ask reflective questions about their paths and the reality of their jobs.

Panellists wanted

We are looking for young professionals who in one way or another work for the common good and are open to share their story in an honest and reflective way. Check out our info flyer for more details. 

Here are some ideas we'd like focus on in the future. If any of these is true for you, definitely let us know!

Interested? Submit your application here, with a short explanation why you're the right candidate!

About the audience:

In our virtual audience, we welcome high school or university students, those on a gap year, career shifters or anyone looking for inspiration. They join the panels for the familiar setting and honest sharing. The event is usually 1,5-hour long, no pre-cooked presentation is necessary, because you will participate in a moderated but informal discussion. You will receive a shortlist of questions tailored specifically for your panel, and you will meet the fellow panellists and moderators before the actual panel.

As a sponsor or donor

Info Sheet

We welcome in-kind donations and other forms of support, primarily for Youth Week.

Would you like ambitious, talented and open-minded youth to learn about your company or university? This is your chance to get in touch with them. They're all searching for a path with impact where they can use their skills and enthusiasm. 

We welcome small presents for facilitators and participants (merchandise), stationary, booklets, snacks and drinks; and prizes for projects and participants with distinction.

Contact us if you are interested in our PR deals. This is your opportunity for increased visibility of your brand. Not only will our participants remember you, but so will our site visitors from all over Europe and overseas.

our partners

Art Transparent

Art Transparent's goal is to instill the attitude of openness and enhanced thoughtfulness in their audiences while encouraging artists’ willingness of confrontation with the viewer, the need of dialogue and engagement in cultural and educational activities. 


Kulturanova develops contents of independent culture in order to encourage positive social change and improve the position of creative people in Novi Sad and the region.

UWC - Czech Republic

UWC National Committee is the national committee of the Czech Republic and belongs to the network of the United World College movement. It organises the selection of high school students for the United World Colleges.

Vekker Műhely

Vekker Műhely's mission is to be a "catalyst", especially—but not exclusively—in the Hungarian amateur cultural life in Slovakia through theatre programmes that are expected to shape public opinion and taste.

Xpat Consulting

Xpat Consulting helps people with moving abroad. Their services include language training, (official) translation and CV preparation.