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As a mentor

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Mentorship is an integral part of our multi-day programmes (currently, Youth Week, Social Project Training and Career Path Seminar): each mentor works with a participant in the six months following the programme to help participants stay on track, troubleshoot and innovate. As a mentor, you'll have three calls with your mentee in that six-month period and be available for occasional emails. It's a great way to share your experience with the next generation and to make a difference to an individual on your own schedule!

Interested? You can find more details here. The mentorship application can be found here, and feel free to contact us at with any questions.

As an intern

We offer six-month positions for social media interns. These are remote, volunteer positions with room to get creative and define your own role. Applications are currently closed, but you can contact us at with any questions.

As a volunteer

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Are you interested in our project and would like to apply your skills and learn new ones? Please fill out this form or get in touch directly!

CCG offers varied volunteering opportunities—all of which allow you to meet inspiring individuals, try new things and contribute to the common good.

      • Volunteer during our programmes: Help us with documenting the experience, writing and conducting interviews. We welcome volunteers for one-time commitments or for the full Youth Week. For our online offerings, all volunteering can be done from the comfort of your own home.

      • Help us prepare: We’re looking for volunteers throughout the year to do research, transcribe interviews, fundraise, contribute to our blog and more—on your own schedule and from anywhere in the world.

As a facilitator

Our 2021 programmes offer young adults the opportunity to explore career options, learn from young experts working across this region and develop their own innovative projects. Our programme facilitators are young professionals from Central and Eastern Europe who are working towards the common good.

Facilitator applications for our 2021 programmes are currently closed, but please contact our content coordinator with any questions or if you'd like to be involved in the future.

As a sponsor or donor

CCG is volunteer-based. In order to make it accessible to participants from all socioeconomic backgrounds, we set low participation fees. To cover our expenses and to be able to offer more activities, we welcome donations.

Contact us if you are interested in our PR deals. This is your opportunity for increased visibility of your brand. Not only will our participants remember you, but so will our site visitors from all over Europe and overseas.

our partners

Pro Progressione

Pro Progressione is a Budapest-based artistic hub that connects people, professions and ambitions by designing international collaborations in the field of culture. From this combination, creative ideas emerge—artists, cultural activists, scientists and experts of various fields meet and give cutting-edge answers for the questions of our age.

We focus our capacities on the fields where we aim to have a positive long-term impact; thus, Pro Progressione is built up on four main pillars: PP Social, PP Cult, PP Arts and PP Sound. We are active in the field of socially engaged arts, cultural & natural heritage interpretation, music as tradition and the productions of unique performances. Our innovative team disposes of a large scale of professional competences and creativity, each of our members are personally engaged with arts and culture.

Pro Progressione has been implementing numerous international projects supported by the European Commission. We believe in interdisciplinary creation, in a mutual exchange between disciplines, art forms and actors of social and artistic fields. Our overall objective is to create an international network of artists, institutions and audiences by helping the communities to find their path towards arts.

Art Transparent

Art Transparent's goal is to instill the attitude of openness and enhanced thoughtfulness in their audiences while encouraging artists’ willingness of confrontation with the viewer, the need of dialogue and engagement in cultural and educational activities.


Kulturanova develops contents of independent culture in order to encourage positive social change and improve the position of creative people in Novi Sad and the region.

UWC - Czech Republic

UWC National Committee is the national committee of the Czech Republic and belongs to the network of the United World College movement. It organises the selection of high school students for the United World Colleges.

Vekker Műhely

Vekker Műhely's mission is to be a "catalyst", especially—but not exclusively—in the Hungarian amateur cultural life in Slovakia through theatre programmes that are expected to shape public opinion and taste.