Explore Inspiring Career Paths

What are the Explore Inspiring Career Path panels?

These panels bring together small groups of professionals from across the career landscape. In addition to sharing details about their backgrounds and how they got to where they are now, panellists reflect on their struggles and stumbles along the way—because we believe in the importance of seeing the full picture of what it takes to succeed in a career rather than just the 'best of' moments.

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We're working on the programming of 2023. What topics are YOU interested in? Give us feedback and co-create the panels with us. 

April 2023 - Mental Health

March 2023 - Educators

November 2022 - Green Jobs, Green Lives

September 2022 - Leaving the Rat Race

February 2022 - Cultural Crossover

May 2022 - International Organisations

November 2021 - Life-long Learners

May 2021 - Special CCG Edition

June 2021

September 2021  - Entrepreneurial Spirit

February 2021

April 2021