Youth Week Webinars

27 July–1 August 2020

What are the Youth Week webinars?

Youth Week, a recurring programme, is designed to inspire young adults from Eastern and Central Europe to pursue work in the common good in ways that align with their passions. The free webinars we offered in 2020 were facilitated by dynamic young professionals from the region and covered topics such as career choice, human rights, sustainability and skill-building for the modern world. Webinar participants gained a better understanding of global issues, their goals and their options for the future.

In 2020 we offered the Social Project Online parallel to the Youth Week Webinars.

Clear Your Mind webinar
Explore Inspiring Career Paths webinar
Focus on Human Rights webinar
Human Rights Dive Deeper webinar
Think Sustainably in Turbulent Times webinar
Boost Your Skills webinar

Who Are the Youth Week webinars for?

The webinars were designed for young adults, whether still in high school, just embarking on a new career or looking for a change. We have a Central and Eastern European focus, but the takeaways from the webinars were global—we welcomed participants from their teens to their forties and from across the globe. Motivation is key: with the right tools, anyone from a CEO to an intern can pick up new skills and apply them.

Due to 2020's online format, we offered the webinars free of charge. We aim to keep all of our programming as accessible as possible: we are looking for participants who are eager to learn more about different ways in which they can apply their own interests to contribute to the common good in Central and Eastern Europe and beyond. Skills can be learned—passion and curiosity are organic.