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Eszter boros

Project Coordinator & Founder

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"After almost a decade of university education, with three degrees, four languages and intercultural experience under my belt I got my "dream job". Two weeks into this job, I realised it was not for me. In an eight-month journey I learnt about others' understanding of a happy and content life - and questioned my own ideals.

Coming back... I wish someone had told me: your journey will be unpredictable and windy. And that is okay. "


Communications Manager


"I’m a writer by training, a wanderer by nature, and passionate about making learning a lifelong process. Chronic wanderlust, curiosity about other cultures, and a flexible job have led me to live in five countries so far and to travel to many more. I value the impact people can make through their stories."

alexandra zalaföldi

Content Coordinator


"My passion for culture started at the age of three when I took up ballet. Though I replaced it with yoga after 13 years, this passion grew throughout the years. I completed my university studies in the field of International Relations focused on EU affairs and cultural policy and currently work in public administration organising year-long cultural seasons abroad. I strive to add creativity and a little sparkle to every day."

Nikolett Fazekas

Social Project Coordinator

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"After moving to the capital from a little village I realised I missed out on numerous opportunities because I lived in the countryside. I didn't have the chance to see a great act in the theatre, to experience the differences between cultures, to go to a museum on Saturday evening or just to have a nice conversation with someone from the other side of the world over to a great beer.

Since then the world has opened to me, and I try to make the most out of it. The most important part—I get to know myself."

our story

Nikolett and Eszter met while walking the Camino de Santiago pilgrimage in northern Spain. It was immediately clear that we viewed the world similarly and shared the same values. We both grew up with the privilege of education and of engaging in international events, which opened our eyes to the problems our region still struggles with. Through Careers in the Common Good, which we developed with Krisztina Pjeczka, we seek to change the status quo and promote opportunities for the youth of Eastern and Central Europe. Since the inception of CCG, our mission has proven contagious: Alexandra and Tamzin both helped with the 2019 Summer Course (as workshop facilitator and logistical support, respectively) before joining the organiser team.

We are an international team, located in Budapest, Berlin and Aarhus. Our passion and inspiration unite us and keep us moving forward—and our experience with working remotely has uniquely positioned us to take CCG into the digital age.

Eszter and Krisztina - Reunion at Yale University, April 2018
Eszter and Nikolett - Meeting in Budapest, April 2019