2022 Youth Week

Youth Week

12-21 August, Budapest

What is Youth Week?

Ten days in the suburbs of Budapest full of interactive workshops and cultural activities. You can expect the following:

  • meeting young professionals who share their career path in an honest and reflective way

  • interactive workshops on climate change and human rights, responsible consumption, social entrepreneurship and the 21st-century job market

  • tools and skills to start your own social project: bring an issue that upsets you in your community and you leave Youth Week with an actionable project

  • learn about the UN's Sustainable Development Goals

  • share your culture and learn about other Eastern European cultures

  • housing in 2-bed rooms in a college dorm in a green surrounding

  • relax, hike and reflect.

Youth Week 2022 is co-funded by the Erasmus+ programme of the European Union. Participant contribution is €30, with waivers available.

Youth Week 2019 Impressions

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Why join Youth Week?

We could think of a few reasons...

    • Get better equipped for the current job market

    • Grow your regional network

    • Have a taste of social entrepreneurship

    • Practice self-reflection and mindfulness

    • Get to know different cultural customs

    • Exchange ideas about study and internship opportunities

    • Improve your public speaking

    • Benefit from the informal environment

    • Get inspired for your next career step!

Does this sound like you?

    • 18+

    • National or resident of Poland, Slovakia, Czechia, Hungary or Serbia*

    • Speak conversational English

    • Curious about world affairs, SDGs and making an impact on your community

    • Looking for inspiration, direction, or a way to reflect on your skills, needs and goals

    • Looking for a meaningful career

    • Want to set new career goals

    • Have an idea—or too many ideas—and don’t know where to start

How to apply

  • Fill out the application

  • Wait for our confirmation

  • Pay your €30 participant contribution (waivers are available). This fee includes all workshops and activities, accommodation and meals.

  • Sign learning agreement

  • You’re on board!

Travel costs are reimbursed based on distance. You will receive further information after successful application.

* As an Erasmus+ funded event, we welcome applications from nationals and residents of Poland, Slovakia, Czechia, Hungary and Serbia.

Youth Week Schedule

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what to expect


You will receive preparation material in advance, including Social Project Cards for inspiration and audiovisual content so that you're familiar with the concepts in the programme.

At the Online Kick-Off Session, you'll meet fellow participants and facilitators, start working in country teams and share your questions for better tailoring of workshops.

Youth Week

During Youth Week itself, you will dive deep into discussion with experts on climate change, social entrepreneurship and more. You'll also develop a grassroots project that you can implement within six months of Youth Week.*

It's not all hard work—you can also expect (optional) meditation, informal talks, self-reflection, local hiking and cultural conversations!

*You do not have to have a project idea when you join.


In the six months following Youth Week, you will be paired with an experienced mentor to help you troubleshoot and stay on track as you implement your project. You can accomplish a lot in half a year!

You'll also be able to stay connected with the CCG alumni community for further feedback, friendship and future events.

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