social project online

27 July–1 August 2020

What is the Social Project Online?

The Social Project Online was an intensive week of morning workshops in which participants developed community-oriented projects that they could implement at home. The Social Project was originally designed to be the cornerstone of CCG's Youth Week, and taking it into the digital age allowed us to work with participants who would have been unable to spend a full week on site in Hungary.

Participants chose UN Sustainable Development Goals on which to focus and worked on self-designed projects that targeted these goals. Through developing projects aligned with their interests and skills, participants gained hands-on experience in order to be able to take education outside the classroom and implement their projects in their communities after the course. Participants were welcome to come in with a project in mind or to choose one during the course.

Experienced facilitators guided participants through the project development process, from concept to realisation. Participants drove every step of the process, coming away not only with new skills to add to their portfolio but also with a concrete way to make an impact.

The Social Project Training is a recurring programme—details for the next Social Project Training can be found here.

Social project online workshops

The Social Project Online included a comprehensive set of workshops.

  • Monday, 27/07: Introductions and Teaming Up

  • Tuesday, 28/07: Zooming In

  • Wednesday, 29/07: Project in Context

  • Thursday, 30/07: SMART Goals

  • Friday, 31/07: Fundraising and Online Presence

  • Saturday, 01/08 (14.00–16.00): Closing Ceremony

2020 Social Projects

Our 2020 participants worked on seven promising projects:

  • Online platform for sustainable shopping (SDG 15)

  • Gardening excursions for kindergarteners (SDG 12)

  • Resources for visually impaired children in Czechia (SDGs 3 and 4)

  • Informal course on democracy-focused education (SDG 16)

  • Climate change mitigation workshops (SDG 13)

  • Social enterprise for Ugandan women (SDG 5)

  • Sustainable employment for single mothers in Colombia (SDGs 1 and 5)