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Youth Week 2022 Facilitators

Anirudh Bodhke

The Duna Diaries | LinkedIn

Dreamer, Believer, Innovator. Anirudh is a youth leader who is engaged in empowering and inspiring his community by building opportunities to make an impact and bring about positive change. Who, with his work plans to send a message of peace, prosperity, harmony, and create a global network with the intention of making the world a more peaceful place.

Eszter Boros

WE DO communication | LinkedIn

Eszter Boros is a management accountant with experience in event management, a hobby artist and a passionate traveller. As a facilitator, TeachSurfing trainer, experienced in online workshop delivery and advocate of non-formal education, she gives workshops on project management and career paths. She’s also the founder and coordinator of Careers in the Common Good.

Iwona Frydryszak

Iwona has been involved in NGOs in the field of global education, inclusion and intercultural events as well as development cooperation with the experience gained in different parts of the world (like Georgia, Tanzania, Asian part of Russia and different European countries). She graduated from Journalism and Slavic Literature and Language Studies.

Ádám Marjai

minup | LinkedIn

Ádám Marjai has worked in the computer software industry for four years. As a product designer at LastPass, his job is to make software easy to use and aesthetically pleasing. In 2021, he founded his startup, minup, a scheduling software for small businesses. For almost a decade he was a board member and marketing manager for UWC Hungary, an educational non-profit organization. In his free time, Ádám likes reading and hiking.

Ondřej Nečas

School of improvisation - Škola improvizace | LinkedIn

Ondřej is a facilitator, lector, improvisator, coach and father of School of improvisation in Prague. I am supporting people to find peace and self-confidence. Support their qualities and sell best ideas.

Nina petrov

Inspiring Change | LinkedIn

Nina Petrov is a content marketing specialist, founder of Coffee Bean Digital, an agency for content and digital marketing. She is the Head of Content at Trade Crypto Media, and a founder and project manager at a non-profit organisation Inspiring Change in Serbia.

Korinna Varga


Research Group Lead specialized in European agricultural, environmental and bioeconomy policy. Her area of expertise involves organic farming and agroecology relevant national policy analysis, research, and advisory for achieving the sustainable transition of the agri-food sector. Her research work also focuses on co-creation experiences in agroecological living labs, and she is working toward the wider adoption of the "living lab" approach and methodology in national and macro-regional agricultural research.

Alexandra Vinczi

Egyesek Youth Association | LinkedIn

As a lifelong learner and educator, Alexandra Vinczi started her career as a non-formal educator and project coordinator as a volunteer and is now working as a freelancer. She is a certified virtual facilitator and conducts workshops and training sessions about career planning based on design thinking for young adults both offline and online.

Alexandra Zalaföldi

Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade

Alexandra Zalaföldi is a cultural professional, having worked with and within EU institutions. She studied International Relations and currently works at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade in Hungary—as well as serving as CCG's content coordinator.

Previous Facilitators

Tamás Csontos

IFUA Horvath & Partners

A management consultant, Tamás Csontos has 10+ years of international work experience, utilising project management, effective communication, and complex problem-solving skills.

Nikolett Fazekas

Nikolett Fazekas earned her Bachelor's degree from Corvinus University in Budapest. With interests in social businesses and small business administration, she is currently studying Danish and serves as the Social Project coordinator for CCG.

Ludvig Gorondi

Ludvig Gorondi works as a data analyst for a company that promotes a start-up ecosystem in Germany. Previously, he held seminars for volunteers from abroad on various social topics, ranging from discrimination to reforming the working time. His recent activities are mostly connected to the customer analytics for a new SaaS for people who want to start their own business.

Eszter Gresó

A student of Business Administration and Management at Corvinus University, Eszter Gresó won the Social Impact Award Hungary 2019 in the social startup entrepreneur category. Her interests range from animal rescue to photography.

András Hárs

National University of Public Service & University of Szeged

An assistant lecturer of public international law, András Hárs is also an organiser and coach of national and international competitions with a mild passion of visiting foreign lands and absorbing as many different cultures as possible.

Gábor Horváth

Ministry of Finance, Hungary

With extensive experience in diplomacy and sustainable development, Gábor Horváth is especially interested in designing policies that both enhance economic growth and improve environmental sustainability and social cohesion. His work experience with the OECD provides a familiarity with the best research and best practices in this field.

Iulia Jolley-Socea

International Centre for Migration Policy Development

An associate project officer at the International Centre for Migration Policy Development, Iulia Jolley-Socea has 10 years of experience in developing, managing and communicating on social change projects, as well as extensive experience in assessing learning needs, developing and delivering (blended) learning programmes to diverse audiences. She is deeply committed to working towards systemic and inclusive change, guided by conflict sensitivity and the Do No Harm principle.

Jetnor Kasmi

Jetnor Kasmi is a development economist working primarily on development policy and political economy. His interests include cultural conflict and security, migration and education policies, and participatory governance. Jetnor's work in Albania aiming at mediating conflict through the dialogue between governments and citizens on the issue of transitional justice and the issue of forced disappearances from autocratic regimes.

Mile Krstev

Global Water Partnership

An environmental engineer by training, Mile Krstev is currently working on transboundary water cooperation at the Global Water Partnership while pursuing a master's in sustainable technology. He has worked with children and youth both as a STEM educator in schools and as a facilitator of sustainability-oriented summer programmes through Erasmus+ and the United World Colleges. He is also a senior member of UWC Macedonia, an education nonprofit organisation.

Tomas Machalicek


A self-described tech geek and ex-entrepreneur, Tomas Machalicek has experience establishing sustainable businesses and currently works as an IT consultant in Prague.

Milena MiliĆeviĆ

Coming soon!

Tamzin Mitchell

Tamzin Mitchell is a writer and editor. Her writing has appeared in Waxwing, Cosmonauts Avenue, Crannóg, and elsewhere, and has been nominated for Best of the Net and the Pushcart Prize. In addition to her work as an editor and proofreader, she currently serves as the communications manager for CCG.

Gitanjali More

Gitanjali More is a freelance coach and mentor giving workshops to master career as well as life skills. She has experience working for NGOs as well as political organisations. She dreamed of being an astrophysicist, a lawyer, a teacher, a star chef and a wildlife photographer when she was younger. Today, Gitanjali dabbles in all of these in one way or another through her work and hobbies.

Judit osika

Judit Osika started in Supply Chain Management before shifting to working with people and creativity. Judit created her own career path by combining creative crafty skills, skill-building, self-coaching and training. Today she works mostly on helping students find their career path and learn the skills that can keep them in a happy and growing space.

Davor Petreski

IMAESC Erasmus Mundus

Davor Petreski is a writer and developer. He is currently pursuing a Master's degree in Adult Education at the University of Glasgow and is developing an AAC mobile app to help non-verbal children and adults with communication. His interests lie between philosophy, technology and education.

Emese Petrik

Air navigation company

Emese Petrik studied work and organisational psychology. Before finishing university, she started a full-time 'grown-up' job at the Hungarian air navigation organisation as an OD consultant. A few years later she became a business coach and an action learning team coach.

Darko Petrovic

Coming soon!

Gábor Sikula


Gábor is a psychologist, coach and a project manager. Since 2014 I have been working also as a trainer for the non-profit organization TANDEM, providing courses and trainings mainly for high school students and young adults. I’ve always been passionate about helping people improve their lives, increase their self-awareness and unleash their true potential in life.

Natalia Skorik

Academy of Innovation

A facilitator and project coordinator at the Academy of Innovation, Natalia Skorik's work entails implementing youth exchanges, trainings and seminars for youth workers, especially with youth from conflict territories.

Malte Steinhoff


After finishing his Bachelor's in Business Informatics and working at IBM for 3 years, Malte followed his curiosity to venture into the field of non-formal education. At the center of his work stand his passions for life-long learning, meditation, self-empowerment and emotional healing.

Zsolt Szekeres

Hungarian Helsinki Committee

Zsolt Szekeres is a legal officer and coordinator for the Hungarian Helsinki Committee. He provides legal assistance and representation for asylum-seekers and recipients of international protection, primarily unaccompanied children. He also takes part in the HHC's strategic litigation work, coordinates the Hungarian asylum lawyers' network, and serves as the Hungarian focal point of the European Legal Network on Asylum (ELENA).

Sonia Wargacka


Sonia Wargacka is a founder of a global social impact video production company, DoesItFeelGood.com. A Polish-born, UK-based filmmaker and entrepreneur, Sonia started her career working as an assistant producer at Screenology Film School in Bristol. In 2018, she decided to connect her passions for travelling and social impact by launching a business with her partner Ben. Together they have completed projects on 5 continents, promoting social enterprises, female empowerment summits and organisations providing employment for minorities.

Kristina Zimaj

For the last three years, Kristina Zimaj has been a Project and Development Coordinator in Anibar organization, fundraising for several programs of the organization. She also initiated and manages international youth mobility programs for youth, such as Erasmus+ and European Solidarity Corps, and Education Program for Cultural Heritage.

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