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The 2020 Youth Week Webinars will run from 27 July to 1 August. There's no cost—sign up now!

Social Project Online

Applications for the Social Project Online are closed, but make sure to check out the Youth Week Webinars!

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UPDATE: Like all of you, we've been watching the COVID-19 situation closely. While we cannot predict how the situation will change, we have decided to shift to an online programme this year to help keep our communities safe. We are fortunate that this timeline has allowed us time to adjust—the format is changing, but the content is not. Please see updated information on the Social Project Online and the free Youth Week Webinars.

Participant Contribution

Careers in the Common Good is committed to making our courses as accessible as possible. Our 2020 webinars are free of charge, though we welcome donations.

The participant contribution for the Social Project Online is €30, but in line with our value of accessibility, waivers are available to participants for whom that fee presents a hardship. The waiver application is separate from the course application. As our shift to an online programme this year has enabled us to bring costs down, we have also simplified the number of waiver options.

Each waiver application is read by at least two people. Waiver applications are evaluated based on meeting our basic criteria and submitting all required information (20%) and fit with CCG's ethos (80%).

You'll be asked the following question in the waiver application: Our everyday activities matter. What food we eat, how we talk to our neighbours and how we get to school all leave a mark. What does your day-to-day life look like? How do you believe you impact the people around you? (appr. 500 words)

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