Youth Week 2020

24 July–2 August 2020

What is the Youth Week?

The Youth Week is designed to inspire young adults from Eastern and Central Europe to pursue work in the common good in ways that align with their passions. Participants spend ten days with workshops taught by dynamic young professionals from the region, guided self-reflection and a practical project that they can implement in their own communities. Through this, participants gain a better understanding of themselves, their goals and their options for the future.

The Youth Week is an immersive experience. We believe that learning should be interactive and should neither begin nor end in the classroom. We spend a day exploring Budapest and a day hiking in the Pilis forest, and past workshops have included panels, a chance for participants to learn to make their own toothpaste and testing out cargobikes on campus. Additionally, workshop facilitators are available before and after teaching to share and answer questions in a more informal setting.

Who is the Youth Week for?

The Youth Week is designed for young adults (age 18+) from Central and Eastern Europe who are just embarking on their careers (finishing up high school, in university or taking time off, or recently out of university) or are already in the workforce and looking for a change or a boost.

No work experience or university degree or enrollment is required. Participants who come in with more work experience or with a project concept in hand can take more advanced workshops on project development, whether they aim to continue in their current position, switch careers or start a side project. Motivation is key: with the right tools, anyone from a CEO to an intern can turn an idea into reality.

We keep the participation fee low to eliminate financial barriers: we are looking for participants who are eager to learn more about different ways in which they can apply their own interests to contribute to the common good in Central and Eastern Europe and beyond. Skills can be learned—passion and curiosity are organic.

The Youth Week runs 24 July–2 August 2020, and applications are open! Interested? Have questions? We'd love to hear from you!

What's in a name?

You may notice that ‘Youth Week’ is a new name—we’ve changed it to better reflect the contents of our programme and to keep that content under a single, flexible umbrella. Our planned workshops and activities have not changed, and we’re looking forward to sharing a more detailed lineup later this spring.