Social Project

Social Project Training

12–14 March (online) | 4–6 June (online) | 17–19 September (online)

What is the Social Project Training?

The Social Project Training is designed to give you the tools to address a problem you see in your community—without requiring major resources, connections or specialised background. Through five interactive modules delivered by expert facilitators, you will work closely with peers and experienced mentors to identify a problem you are passionate about—and find a way to do something about it. We use the UN's Sustainable Development Goals as a framework and inspiration, but the project is yours to drive and take ownership of.

Does this sound like you?

    • 18+

    • Have a computer and Internet

    • Looking for a way to kick off a project

    • Have an idea—or too many ideas—and don’t know where to start

How to apply

  • Fill out the application (currently accepting applications for the 12–14 March Social Project Training), due 15 February

  • Wait for our confirmation

  • Pay your €30 participant contribution (waivers are available)

  • Sign learning agreement

  • You’re on board!

What to expect


You will receive preparation material two weeks in advance, including Social Project Cards for inspiration and audiovisual content so that you're familiar with the concepts in the programme.

Social Project Training

The Social Project Training walks you through developing a project that you can implement within six months of completing the programme. The training includes five modules:

  • Start with the Why

  • Zooming In

  • Project in Context

  • Fundraising & Project Pitch

  • SMART Goals


In the six months following the Social Project Training, you will be paired with an experienced mentor and have peer support to help you troubleshoot and stay on track as you implement your project. You can accomplish a lot in half a year!

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