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Career Path Seminar

Career Path Seminar

12–16 April (online) | 15–19 November (online)

Monday–Friday, 6–9 pm

What is the Career Path Seminar?

The Career Path Seminar is a way to get you thinking about your first career—or your next career change. Developed in collaboration with a psychologist, a career consultant, a design thinking expert and a communication expert, the five modules walk you through self-reflection tools. Through interactive sessions and close teamwork, you will deconstruct stereotypes and myths, examine how you define success and how to cope with failure, and hear from expert facilitators on changing sectors. You will come away with an action plan for how to start working towards your own dream path.

Register for the November Career Path Seminar here. Questions? Learn more at one of our open info sessions.

Does this sound like you?

    • 18+

    • Have a computer and Internet

    • At university, recently graduated, or already in the workforce and looking for a change

    • Looking for inspiration, direction, or a way to reflect on your skills, needs and goals

    • Looking for a meaningful career

    • Want to transition out of your current job

    • Unhappy with your current work

    • Want to set new career goals

How to register

    1. Register on Eventbrite

      • We offer discounted participation fees to ensure accessibility

      • Limited places are available

    2. Submit your max. 1-page motivation letter (why you would like to join, what is the main dilemma you are facing and what have you tried so far) here or via email at

    3. You're on board! Please sign and submit the following forms.

You will receive further details when your registration is complete.

What to expect


You will receive preparation material two weeks in advance, for inspiration and so that you're familiar with the concepts in the programme.

You'll also have a chance to meet each other and Miro: Wednesday, 10 November, 7–8.30pm

Career Path Seminar

The Career Path Seminar walks you through the steps of mapping your path to find a fitting career goal and a plan that you can implement within six months of completing the programme. The training takes place over five evenings.


In the six months following the Career Path Seminar, you will be paired with an experienced mentor and have peer support to help you research your options and reflect on yourself, and to find a path that can fit you.

You can accomplish a lot in half a year! Through the alumni community, you can support and encourage each other. You will also receive useful tips on your further development from us.

Explore Inspiring Career Paths

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Next panel (register for free here): 25 November, 18:00–19.30.

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