social project


What is the social project?

The social project is the cornerstone of Youth Week. Participants choose UN Sustainable Development Goals on which to focus and work individually or in small teams on self-designed projects that work towards these goals. Through developing projects aligned with their interests and skills, participants gain hands-on experience and are able to take education outside the classroom and implement their projects in their communities after the course. Those participants who come in with projects in mind can take more advanced workshops and work closely with facilitators to develop them.

Experienced facilitators guide participants through the project development process, from concept to realisation. Participants drive every step of the process, coming away not only with new skills to add to their portfolio but also a concrete way to make an impact.

2019 Social projects

In 2019, our participants worked on:

  • An Internet literacy workshop designed for new mothers eager to reenter the workforce. Aimed at SDG 16, the workshop informs people of different ages about digital media literacy, especially critical and analytical reading.
  • An Internet literacy workshop for Czech high school students. Targeting SDG 16, the workshop emphasises media literacy and Czech identity as EU citizens.
  • A healthy food in hospital initiative. Aimed at SDG 3, this project raises awareness of dietary needs in Polish hospitals and promotes the idea that food should be part of one's treatment.
  • A multi-lingual blog on careers and education. Focussed on SDG 4 and SDG 10, this blog creates a platform to connect and motivate youth from different backgrounds, to exchange knowledge and to establish a support network.
  • A bike-sharing project in Kosovo. With an eye to SDG 13, this project aims to reduce car usage and improve health and the environment in the region.