project bootcamp 2020

24 July–2 August 2020

What is Project Bootcamp?

Project Bootcamp is designed to encourage the career growth and entrepreneurship skills of young adults in Central and Eastern Europe who have embarked upon their careers and are looking to take the next step.

Like the Summer Course, Project Bootcamp combines interactive workshops with a practical element, all emphasising the common good. We focus on real-world examples and skills and knowledge that can be applied in participants' own lives and careers. Because Project Bootcamp participants are further along in their education or careers, the Social Project takes a much bigger role in Project Bootcamp. Participants come in with a concept for a project that they would like to implement in or out of their current work environment, and over the course they collaborate closely with course facilitators to develop and polish that project.

Through self-reflection and course experiences outside the classroom (including a day in Budapest and a day hiking in the Pilis forest), Project Bootcamp participants are also encouraged to further their understanding of themselves, their strengths and skills and their personal and professional goals.

Who is project bootcamp for?

Project Bootcamp is designed for young adults (age 25+) from Central and Eastern Europe who have their initial footing in the workforce and are looking for a boost or a change.

A university degree is not required, but we expect Project Bootcamp participants to have spent time working and to have a sense of their career landscape, whether they wish to continue in their current position, to switch careers or to start a side project. Motivation is key: with the right tools, anyone from a CEO to an intern can turn an idea into reality.

Project Bootcamp runs 24 July–2 August 2020, and applications will open in January of 2020. Interested? Have questions? We'd love to hear from you!