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2020 Workshop Facilitators

Design Thinking for the Common Good

Ádám Marjai, LogMeIn

Ádám Marjai has worked in the computer software industry for four years. As a product designer at LogMeIn, his job is to make software easy to use and aesthetically pleasing. He's also a board member and marketing manager for UWC Hungary, an educational non-profit organization. In his free time, Ádám likes reading and hiking.

Ádám's workshops on design thinking help participants think through and manage the practical implications of their social projects.

Defending Human Rights in an Illiberal Regime

Zsolt Szekeres, Hungarian Helsinki Committee

Zsolt Szekeres is a legal officer and coordinator for the Hungarian Helsinki Committee. He provides legal assistance and representation for asylum-seekers and recipients of international protection, primarily unaccompanied children. He also takes part in the HHC's strategic litigation work, coordinates the Hungarian asylum lawyers' network, and serves as the Hungarian focal point of the European Legal Network on Asylum (ELENA).

Zsolt's workshops focus on human rights, with the goal of enabling participants to identify human rights violations and find possible paths to solve them.

Finding a Path in Spite of Barriers

Flutur Mustafa, Let's Do It Kosova

Flutur Mustafa is an international law graduate, environmentalist, and the author of three bestselling books. Originally from Montenegro, she's currently the head of communications for Let's Do It Kosova. Flutur's workshops focus on career path, self-reflection, and breaking down barriers.

Theoretical and Practical Cultural Management

Milan Vračar, Association Kulturanova

Milan Vračar studied management in culture and media is an independent cultural producer and a president of Association Kulturanova. He has been involved in many international projects and collaborated on events in Novi Sad and in Serbia. Milan's workshops focus on culture and cultural management.

Preparation Through Improvisation

Csilla Benes Tarrová, Vekker Műhely

As a member of Vekker TIE Company (Vekker Műhely), Csilla Benes Tarrová focuses on drama in education programmes, such as the Visual Arts Education Project, creative reading projects, and environmental protection projects. She also organises improvisation workshops for adults and young adults. Csilla's workshops at CCG focus on preparing participants for real-life situations through cooperative and improvisation exercises.

Past Workshops & Facilitators

Cargobikes and Degrowth

Simon Prevert, Cargonomia

How to Be a Social Entrepreneur?

Ryo Ragland, ShareSquare

Solving One Problem at a Time: How to Choose Meaningful Career Paths?

Tamás Csontos, IFUA Horvath & Partners

Human Agency in the Online Public Sphere

Veszna Wessenauer, Ranking Digital Rights

Live and Travel Zero Waste: It Is Possible & Fun

Dóra Kocsis & Edvard Németh, Foothold Stories

Build your Skills for Careers in Digital Society of 2020s

Milena Milićević, INAT Centre & Digital Transformation Consultant

Map Your Path: Self-reflection Kick-off

Emese Petrik, Air navigation company & maternity leave

Achieving Green Growth - A View from the Public Sector

Gábor Horváth, Ministry of Finance, Hungary

The Problem: Climate Change & Going Deeper: the Energy & Electricity Sector

Krisztina Pjeczka, Clean Energy Leadership Institute, Washington, D.C.

How Did We Get Here? Looking Back at One Meaningful Career Path

Darko Petrovic, World Food Programme

The EU Bubble - An Insider's View from Budapest and Brussels

Alexandra Zalaföldi, Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade

Do They Really Have Bean Bags Everywhere? Visit a Software Company

Zsófia Sólyom, EPAM