Social Project: Students

What is the social project for students?

CCG's mission is to inspire the young adults of Central and Eastern Europe to apply their passion for the enrichment of their communities. We firmly believe that individuals can make a difference—and that young adults can contribute to their community with projects that align with their passions.

Now we're bringing our Social Project out of Youth Week and to the classroom and the lecture hall. With our Social Project for Students, we work with high school and university classes so that students can develop local projects that they can implement with their own skills and networks. In addition to a concrete way to impact their community, students come away with project management skills that they can build upon and apply to later endeavours.

Interested in bringing the Social Project for Students to your school or university? Contact us to discuss what would fit best for you. We can work with high school and university classes and youth associations, and the Social Project for Students is also available in an online format.