2021 Youth Week

2021 Youth Week

Planning for 2021 is under way! Our summer Youth Week will take place in a quiet location near Budapest. In addition to a full complement of interactive workshops and panels on human rights, sustainability, social entrepreneurship and the 21st-century job market, participants will practise hands-on learning to develop their own Social Projects.

We believe that learning should neither start nor end in the classroom—and that self-care and self-reflection are as important as input. We bring this to life in Budapest, where participants spend a full day exploring the vibrant city; in the Pilis forest, where an experienced guide leads a day-long hike; and in evening cultural nights, when participants have the opportunity to share their cultures with each other.

New for 2021, participants also work together with our experienced facilitators to co-create and deliver workshops. This is done in advance, and participants are provided with preparation materials and encouraged to seek out sources and angles that interest them most. This gives participants not only a better opportunity to drive their own learning, but also to foster research, teaching and public speaking skills. They also have the chance to present their Social Projects at an Open House with young professionals from the region.

We'll be announcing the dates soon—check back soon. In the meantime, catch up on our past events and the ongoing programmes we offer, sign up for our newsletter to stay updated or contact us with any questions.

2019 Open House presentation